Front-End Developer Job Interview Kit

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Front-End Developer Job Interview Kit

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10 ratings

πŸ“Œ Today, Start Preparing for Your Dream Job with this Interview Kit! πŸ‘‡

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Are you looking to ace your next front-end developer job interview? Look no further! Our Front-End Interview Kit is here to help you prepare and succeed.

Start your Front-End Developer Interview Preparation Today!

This kit contains 7 guides, Resume Templates(Free Bonus), Coding assignments, and Email Templates(Free Bonus).

Why you should buy this kit?

There are too many resources available on the internet and it is hard to know what is the best to be prepared for the interview.

We have created this kit where you can find useful material in one pack that will help you to be prepared to crack the next interview to get your dream job.

This kit includes a comprehensive list of the most commonly asked front-end interview questions, along with detailed answers and explanations.

Not only this, but we also added a guide to cracking interviews, a guide to finding the companies that are hiring, coding assignments, and extra free bonuses.


~ Denis Tutov

~ Varma Surimalla

~ Darshaan Aghicha

Shankar Illa

This kit includes:

  • Important Questions and Answers:
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • React
    • Sass
  • Guide to cracking interviews.
  • Guide to finding companies that are hiring front-end developers
  • Coding Assignments

Free Bonus for You:

  • Resume templates that will help you to create eye-catching resumes
  • Email templates that you will need to send the recruiter

This kit is for:

  • A new developer who is going to start a front-end career.
  • An experienced (1-5 Years) developer who want to switch job.
  • A new developer who wants to switch their career to Front-End Development.

Tiered Pricing:

Price increases for every tier

1-50 Kits: $5 - SOLD OUT

51-100 Kits: $7 - SOLD OUT

101-200 Kits: $10 - CURRENT PRICE WITH DISCOUNT (Offer ends on Friday πŸŽ‰)

201-500 Kits: $15

After 500 Kits: $19

Get this kit and start preparing today for your next job! πŸš€

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